dagmar sigrid

interior photographer

My name is Dagmar, I am a real estate photographer and owner of Dagmar Sigrid AB. Together with my boyfriend I live in the centre of Stockholm. In the spring of 2020 we left the Netherlands behind to embark on this wonderful adventure. After studying photography in Rotterdam I started to orientate myself in the most appropriate specialization. With a number of detours, among others in the field of journalism, I found my passion in real estate photography. From that moment on, for me photography and interior design go hand in hand. 

In the Netherlands I worked for ZIEN24, a company that is the leader in the market of home presentations and works closely with real estate agents throughout the country. I was one of their photographers in the Rotterdam and The Hague area, where I shot an average of four houses a day, five days a week. The photos were used for the sale of houses and could be seen in stores, on social media and on a variety of housing websites. With a creative look at each space and by playing with the light I was always able to present the house in the best possible way. 

To better support my clients I knew I had to develop my knowledge of interior styling. I followed a course in home staging to be able to substantiate my ideas and give further advise rather than purely acting in line with my gut feeling. The two professions are becoming more and more intertwined in my work and I hope that the future brings me many beautiful projects in which photography and interior styling come together.
Dagmar Sigrid Aarse
Portrait of interior photographer Dagmar Sigrid Aarse.
In March 2022 I teamed up with Florbrant/Svanberg, one of the leading agencies on the Stockholm market for high-end interior photography. Delivering photography to some of the biggest and best real estate agents in Sweden. 
Dagmar Sigrid AB and Husfoto teamed up since the autumn of 2020. The agency links their network of real estate photographers and brokers together all over Sweden.

Due to a relocation to Stockholm I started Dagmar Sigrid AB to continue my work as a photographer. My specialization in real estate photography comes from several years of experience. In the Netherlands I worked as a freelance photographer already, but I have deregistered my company from the Dutch chamber of commerce.

As a real estate photographer for ZIEN24 I was focussed on making visual material for houses that go on sale. This included photography, 360 degree photos and videos.  A full-time job in which I photographed an average of four houses a day, five days a week.

With this course, to become a real estate stylist, I learned how to present a house attractively for sale. During the lessons I learned how to decorate each room, how to influence the experience of each room, how to make a floor plan, how to analyse colors, types of advice and how to start your own business.

During this study I learned the basic skills of interior styling in a practical way. This included, for example, dealing with the use of materials and colors, but also using the right style in an interior, giving lighting advice, drawing to scale, responding to trends and choosing the appropriate furniture and accessories. I successfully completed the course with an exam at the EHCB exam agency.
From the very first moment of Lauwer I became the house photographer. The gallery is based in The Hague and focuses on contemporary art. With an international selection of artists, Lauwer contributes to accessibility and diversity in the arts. Each new exhibition was accompanied by a festive opening in which I was responsible for the photographic material for the website and social media.

I successfully completed this four-year program with an MBO 4 diploma. The program consisted of lessons on both digital and traditional photography. As a student I was trained to photograph in the studio as well as on location with all the necessary knowledge. This included camera settings, lighting, color management, the use of Adobe programs and creating my own style.

Fulltime internship as an independent photographer, responsible for taking photos for several items in the magazine. I was also responsible for the monthly 'lisitings' which included tips about films, theatre, music and museums.
Fulltime internship as an independent photographer. Daily on the road to take care of the visual material for online news items. Worked closely together with journalists and film crew.