Dagmar sigrid

Luxury Feeling
For years I’ve been taking photos of interiors. As a real estate photographer that can be at a large variety of locations and all different interiors. Within my work you sometimes come across a diamond of an apartment. I want to give you a peek into this apartment in one of the most beloved streets of Stockholm.
28 February, 2021
Playful Lines
When entering an apartment I never know what to expect. Before I go to the assignment, I always ask how big the apartment is so at least I know how much time I approximately need. This was definitely one of the apartments where I got surprised in a very positive way. The Swedes know how to prepare their interior for the real estate photos that is one thing I already learned. 
14 February, 2021
Winter Wonderland
Together with a colleague, I drove to a fantastic house in Norrtälje a few weeks ago. The journey felt more like a holiday than a day of work. That day, for the first time since our emigration we had a fantastic amount of snow. Everything looked so fairy-tale like shrouded in the white landscape. 
28 January, 2021
Touch of Blue
Looking inside other people's homes often provides you with new insights. I regularly get inspired during my work. In this house I fell in love with the colors on the wall. It gives such an atmospheric look, yet the space retains the light and peaceful basis.
11 January, 2021
New Job
Back in The Netherlands I was working as a real estate photographer, but due to my move to Stockholm I had to find a job again. Pretty fast it was clear that the best way to work as a photographer is to start your own company. So that’s what I did. After a long time of waiting to be registered I finally had my first assignments. Which is now already a couple of months ago, but I would love to show the interior and photos that I made.
04 January, 2021
Recently I got the inspiration to start a blog. It always was something I would love to do, but I never knew how to start or what to write about. After a conversation at one of my assignments I could not let go the idea anymore. So here we are at the very beginning of my own blog.
02 January, 2021
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