During the week my dining table still looks more like a home office. That of course makes it a little bit harder to have the right accessories for both weekdays and weekends without moving it around every time. Therefore it sometimes feels a bit empty to me. During my work I see so many beautiful decorated tables that I thought it would be fun to collect some of them for inspiration.
Let's start with this table that is decorated with a lot of (smaller) things. It gives a bit of the feeling that dinner is almost served. The placemats are already there, just like the salt and the water decanter. To make it a bit more dressed up they added flowers and candles. Maybe not all you want to have when it also is your work spot, but if you only use the dining table for dinners this will work. Nowadays you can find a lot of placemats that are worth keeping on the table. 
From a lot of stuff, to a very minimalistic table. Here they chose to only go for a special candle holder, a small flower and coasters. If you keep them small in size, it can be very nice to have several items at the table and still be able to sit there with your computer when you need to work. 
This might be my favorite, but that has everything to do with the fact that I always want to have a clean look. Sometimes maybe even too much, which actually works very well for my job. I often quickly see which items are nice to keep for the photos and which items are better to take away. Here they decorated the table with a vase or bowl that almost looks like art. This definitely works in combination with the bookshelf that attracts a lot of attention.
When your table is in the kitchen it also can be really nice to decorate it with kitchen related products. Like they did in this photo with the basil plant and the bowl with tomatoes. Of course it can be something similar as well, that might depends on what you often use yourself. Herbs will always work, but so does a fruit or vegetable basket. And it's a good reason to find an extra nice bowl or basket to store these products in, since it's now part of the decoration. Like we saw in the very first photo, you can also think about pepper and salt, oil and vinegar or if you are more into sweet a (good looking) box with cookies. 
Very popular at the moment are these tea light holders. Several brands have them in their collection, but my favorite is still the ones from Artilleriet in Göteborg. This kind of decoration might be more suitable for the autumn or winter, but then it will be really nice to have a combination of these holders in different sizes and colors. The way they look when they are lit is just beautiful because of the glass. 
The most popular of all might be a beautiful fresh bouquet of flowers. Nowadays you even have subscriptions to receive the flowers at home every other week or month, as often as you prefer. What I like the most about flowers is that you can change a bit depending on the season. Beside the flowers themselves, it's also the challenge to find the perfect vase for them. 
Maybe the table and chairs or everything around is already enough and you can choose to keep the table fresh and clean. Personally I really liked this apartment, it felt warm and cosy by only using different materials and colors. Even to get the home feeling, you don't always need to overdo it with decoration. Like here it can also be a piece of art on the wall that receives the attention it deserves when the rest is much calmer. 

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