With Easter we rented a car to drive down all the way to Skåne. Together with friends from the Netherlands, we spend the weekend in this house that we rented. We were extremely lucky with the weather and the house was what I had in mind with the idea of an idyllic Swedish countryside getaway. 
In Sweden you can find houses in all kinds of colours, this Falun red colour is the most common. Together with the blue window frames it gives it a bit more of a unique look since they are usually white. Although this type of red and white is a classic combination, I think it is my favourite. 
When living in Stockholm in an apartment without a balcony, gardens like this are an extreme luxury to have. Even though it was just for a long weekend. Next to the kitchen, you had this wooden terrace with picnic tables and a fire spot right behind it. On the other side of the house, you had another terrace with a hot tub and a jacuzzi. As you probably can imagine, we've spend quite some time in there. 
At the fireplace in the garden they made these nice benches of trees. I thought it was a great idea. It's easy to sit around the fire with more people and it works all year round. In the winter time I can imagine you will decorate it with sheep or reindeer skin for some extra warm comfort. 
These are the only photos I have from the interior inside. If I would ever have my own house in the Swedish countryside, I would love to have such a kitchen bench. You can easily find them on second-hand websites for sale and sometimes even for free if you come to pick them up yourself. I would definitely see myself sitting here with a glass of wine (or something else) while preparing dinner. 
It was a good two hours of a detour on our way back, but we made a quick visit to Artilleriet in Göteborg. Last year we went there for Easter and I bought only one candle and probably the day after we left I regret that I did not buy more. Since it's too much fun to collect them right there in the store (it's handmade and all unique pieces) instead of ordering online I waited until the moment was there to visit the store again. 
When we came up with the idea to go there I started saving some money to buy as much as I thought would be nice together. The prices start with a size extra small for 260 sek and end with an extra large for 840 sek. There are also some smaller and bigger middle sizes and I had in mind to go for a mix of colour tones and sizes. It was hard to create a nice combination since each of them is unique in its structure and I fell in love with many of them.
If you ever will be in Göteborg, the store is worth visiting besides the candles. This corner was my favourite living room and I would easily copy-paste everything to my apartment. Especially my boyfriend, Casper, has had his eye on this candle holder already for a while. We just can't find the right spot in our interior. After seeing this table setting with the combination of the marble and wooden table I think we found the answer. Now we just added two more tables to our wishlist to create a spot for the candle. 
I love blankets and to use them as a piece of decoration in the interior. The way they did it here I really liked. A bit in the middle with pillows on top so you can still sit on it. At home I tried to do the same and it looks super cosy. I would only recommend to not doing it with your most expensive (woollen) blanket because it pills a bit quicker this way.
What can I say, you probably get why this is my favourite interior store. I wish they had a location in Stockholm too. Luckily you already get lots of inspiration by following them on Instagram and a trip to Göteborg every now and then isn't that bad either. The city is super nice and has so many restaurants and cafes to explore. 
Here they are! I combined most of them together on the windowsill and one of them on top of the cabinet. Super happy with this new addition to the interior. The only downside is that, although I am super happy that summer is around the corner, it only becomes lighter in the next months. Not really candle weather perhaps, but at least I am ready for the cosy winter months. 

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