I had to dive into my archive for this post, but nevertheless super nice to share. Last year during spring we went to the Möbeldesignmuseum in Stockholm. The museum was founded in 2017 by architects Kersti Sandin and Lars Bülow. It's based on their private collection of furniture objects with over 1000 items. They closed down their physical location in late 2022 and reopened it as a digital design archive. 
Photo: Möbeldesignmuseum
While walking around, reading about all items that include mainly chairs, we were discussing whether we would love to have them in our own interior or not. The entire collection was enviable, but to only have one designer chair was at that moment a more reasonable dream. Luckily Casper and I have often the same taste and even this time we kept looking at one chair specifically. The TeVe chair from Alf Svensson. A classic chair that has become a Swedish icon. In the picture above it's the smaller chair with a sand colour sheepskin. 
Photo: Bukowskis
We wrote down the name and at home, I started to check on the internet what I could find about the chair. It sometimes was sold at an auction on websites such as Bukowskis. Often I saw this beautiful combination of dark wooden legs and sheepskin, but a lot was also in an aged condition with other fabrics. With a vintage design which is not easily available to buy every moment, I kept it in my mind and planned to check whenever we were ready to buy something like it. Not even a month later, I was scrolling through my Instagram until I found the exact chair at an account I was already following for a while. He had two TeVe chairs for sale. 
Photo: Galerie 100
It came a bit quicker than expected, but I sent him a message and before I knew I had paid the deposit and was able to pick it up a few weeks later. Together we walked there and brought it back home. Luckily it wasn't too far from where we live so it was doable without a car. I felt super happy and at the same time, I couldn't believe that I just spend such an amount on a vintage chair. 
After carrying it home, it reached his new place in this corner of the bedroom. Every day it still makes me super happy. It has the right size, is actually pretty comfortable too and it hides the electricity points (see the last photo). I am still thinking of a small table that I would like to have next to it, but haven't found the right design yet. When I have a video call with friends or for work, this is often where I sit. So we're not both in a call next to each other at the dining table. 
This photo hereunder I once made, is part of a series of photos of the apartment that I sent over to friends and family for an impression of where we live. It gives you a bit more of a feeling of how the chair looks in the room. After my first experience buying a vintage design, I would say that it definitely tastes to more!

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