My dream of having an interior with souvenirs has never changed since I was a little girl. I always had that picture in mind of a Scandinavian look combined with nice kinds of souvenirs from all over the world. In February I went to Vietnam, which was the perfect moment to bring back more memories for the interior. You can say it really is my hobby to find these items that will fit at home without being too obvious a (cheap plastic) souvenir. 
It already starts at home with the preparations online to find the best stores with often interior-related products. Usually, I make a list of all the stores that are worth visiting and I think it is so much fun to actually find these stores. Often it has brought us to new neighbourhoods, pretty streets and lovely stores. On the other hand, we sometimes ended up keeping on walking and never finding the actual address. 
These two prints on handmade paper I have found in the Bookstreet in Ho Chi Minh. We started our trip there and on the second day I already found these, somehow I decided to not buy them directly. I regretted that decision quickly, but luckily after travelling around the country, we were spending our final days in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh again. So we had the opportunity to still buy them. Although they had many options, these were my favourite so it was a relieve when they were not sold out.
Back home I started looking to find the perfect frame. At one of the shops I visited, the employee was really helpful to also check the best passepartout options. I thought it was pretty hard to come to a final decision and I can already tell you it is not even decided yet. At first I was thinking of a white passepartout with a black minimalistic framework. The employee showed that normal white was way too white and it would look much nicer with a warmer tone. 
After taking photos of this apartment I was completely inspired to go for something less basic. I really loved these frames with an extra layer of gold. At home everything is very natural and this might be that extra spark and it also kind of fits with the style of the paintings. 
At the Munch museum I saw this painting, The Scream, with a dark wooden frame. That made me think of trying something darker brown. I found this small frame that also looked very nice together with the paintings. The plan is to decorate the hallway with these and the walls are a bit of a mocha colour. It is possible to hang them next to each other or on different walls in the hallway. 
Making a decision isn't that easy for me as you might have noticed and therefore I went by another store. To see their collection so I had something to compare. Although I didn't bring the paintings this time, you can see the frames that I liked the most. It's a mix of brown and black and all of them have this extra layer in another colour to make it a bit more special.

Let me know your preference or surprise me with other options if you have, to make it even easier. I will update this post by the time it's finished. I am already sure it will look so nice above the cabinet in the hallway.  

Here is an update about the frame. A few weeks ago I was scrolling through the Facebook marketplace and saw this advertisement. I must admit that it has become a new hobby to check out this page regularly. It was in the morning and these two frames were for sale only a few streets away from the first photoshoot I had planned that day. I texted the seller directly and luckily I was more than welcome to come by directly. She asked 20 kroner (with the current currency that's 1,70 euro) for each and the size was almost good. 
We still need to hang them on the wall, but for now, it's already nice to enjoy the paintings instead of keeping them waiting inside the cupboard. It might be a temporary solution with these frames, although I really like them, they don't fit perfectly. Honestly, I was a bit shocked about the prices for the frames and the custom-made passepartout so this is a great and very affordable way for now. 

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