We literally had to put on our alarm at midnight on the first of February when Svartsö Logi opened up their bookings for the season. It usually is fully booked quickly and we had a specific date in mind to spend the weekend at this wonderful place in the archipelago. What a dream weekend it was, from the looks of the tent to the food and the stunning location. 
There are three normal tents and two family tents next to the water. We chose this one that is a bit higher up and therefore has a beautiful view with a mix of trees and water. During the evening it was really cosy with all the lights around us and the candles inside. 
You could feel they put a lot of care into the interior too. Everything looked so pretty and cosy. It also felt really clean, something that is important to me. Outside you had these lounge chairs from the brand Trimm Copenhagen. They were super comfortable and I love the design too. On their website, you can buy them separately or together in different kinds of sets including the pouf. 
Also, the inside of the tent is super nice. All decorations are in natural colours and materials. There was a basket on the left side with extra sheepskins to keep you warm. We used them for the lounge chairs in the evening which was even more comfortable. The other basket had towels that were easy to bring with you in the basket to the water. There are no showers, but they had biodegradable shower foam and shampoo from the brand Sjö&Hav that you could use in the water. 
These tents are on an island where you only can get by boat. It really feels like the entire island is in holiday mode. There are almost no regular cars, but you see golf cars and quads. We saw a lot of people making a stop with their boats to have lunch or dinner at the restaurant. There was a jetty where you could park your boat in front of us. We brought books and had all kinds of plans, but in the end, we've only been looking around. Watching people coming and leaving, checking out all the boats passing by and of course the view itself I already could look at endlessly.
This is the view from the bed. I almost refused to sleep since it is as beautiful every moment of the day. The bed was made up with pillows and several blankets which made it super cosy. One of the blankets was from the brand Klippan, they have typically Swedish woollen blankets. At home I already have a small collection with different designs and they are super warm. Often I spot them at people's homes during work.
The weekend package includes staying in the tent, a dinner at their restaurant and a breakfast delivery. We had no idea what to expect from the food, so it was a bit of a surprise. The menu had five courses and we chose to combine it with their wine pairing menu. The host asked if we would like to keep the menu as a surprise which we did and it was super nice to first get the wines and then the food. Everything was super tasty!
Enjoying our romantic getaway. We were celebrating 12,5 years together. 
I really liked the interior of the restaurant too. It was basic, yet super nice. We booked our table a bit early to spend the rest of the evening at the tent, but it got more and more crowded during the evening. Even if you're not interested in staying the night, I can highly recommend Svartsö Krog. The host was very passionate about wines and told us a lot about the pairings. 
For each course, they used these nice plates in different kind of sizes and shapes. The wine glasses were from the brand Riedel, which has beautiful glasses in its collection. 
We put our alarm on at five in the morning to be sure to not miss the sunrise. I am so happy we did, it was beautiful and still a bit misty on the water. It was completely silent and the water felt magically calm. The breakfast basket was supposed to be delivered at 09:00 and our neighbours literally woke up at 08:45 and missed all of this morning glory. 
We had not finished the bottle of champagne from the evening before to enjoy a proper champagne breakfast. The basket was filled with yoghurt and homemade granola, jam, warm bread, butter and cheese. All products tasted super fresh and I would say it was a perfect breakfast setting too. After we were done we had a quick refreshing dip in the water, warmed up with tea and then it was time to pack our stuff and say goodbye. 
Along the way back on the boat, we saw a lot of beautiful houses. From typical Swedish designs, to architectural buildings with a lot of glass. It also started to rain after we went to the boat. We were extremely lucky with a sunny day in a summer with overall a lot of rain. I couldn't have hoped for more. Although it also might be super cosy on a rainy day in the tent, this of course made it just a bit nicer to spend a lot of time outside. Looking back on the perfect weekend in the archipelago from Stockholm. 

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