For many years my tradition was sending cards to family and friends for Christmas. That has been changed to more digital wishes nowadays and by the time all my grandparents passed away, there was no need to continue the old fashion way for them either. Although I always liked to receive these cards this time of the year. Together with my boyfriend we created our own Christmas card tradition that turned out in a photo of the Christmas tree at home. ​​​​​​​
This is how the photo turned out this year. A bit of a smaller tree compared to the previous years as you can see. Something which is not obvious in the photo, but the biggest difference with the photos from 2021 and 2020 that are taken at the exact same spot, is that this year the photo is taken at OUR apartment. It's not a rental anymore, it's the first Christmas since we bought the apartment and that feels so good. ​​​​​​​
This was our Christmas card in 2021. The most stressful Christmas I probably ever experienced. By the end of November, we got the news that the apartment came for sale and we did everything we could to buy it. We literally cancelled all our festive activities to save as much money as we could. On top of that we had a funeral in the Netherlands the day after Christmas. ​​​​​​​
First Christmas in Stockholm. This was our card in 2020. To become a real Swede we bought these Christmas stars for the windows. And as you can see, the rest looks still very empty. Interior wise we've done a lot the last two years. When I compare these photos together I am so happy with how the apartment turned out and now it feels so much more home and cosy.
Going back in time to Delft, the Netherlands. The Christmas card from 2019. Biggest tree and by far the most presents under the tree compared to the other photos. It makes it quickly clear that celebrating Christmas with families in different countries is not as easy as it was before. It is fun to see that the ornaments aren't changed over the years. In this tree it's a mix of felt dolls and champagne colored Christmas balls. The felt dolls stayed in the basement for some years and now they shine again in the tree together with some new Svenskt Tenn ornaments. 
I am already curious to see what the tree will look like next year and the memories that comes together with. Have a lovely time of the year!

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