Last week I joined my boyfriend on his work trip to Barcelona. Five days of strolling around in this beautiful city and a great escape from the winter that slowly has started in Stockholm. I've been shopping a lot and discovered these stores that are worth checking out. Some of them are also great accounts to follow on Instagram. 
Make sure to visit the district of Gràcia, a bit outside the centre. You will find the street Carrer d’Astúries which has many smaller and unique stores. 
Antoniona is one of my favourites, I literally could have bought everything. All their products are handmade with the block print technique. The entire collection is from textile, for example curtains, cushions, scarves, bags, table cloths and bedspreads. Each of them in one of the most beautiful prints. 
Instagram Antoniona
In the same street, you will also find Green Life Style. They mainly sell fashion and accessories. All products are eco-friendly and when I was there they had the most beautiful leather bags. 
La Comet has several stores around town and all items are designed in Barcelona. You easily can buy your entire wardrobe here since everything goes very well together. From dresses to sweaters to skirts and blouses. The staff is a little bit too friendly. They probably will let you try a full outfit and follow you with their special spray that gives each store a recognizable scent.  
Instagram La Comet
Not too far from this neighbourhood, you can find the store Armando de David. They sell antique interior items with a focus on lamps. I've seen some amazing and unique designs. At the moment I am very much into lamps so this was a great find. 
This address I had saved before I went to Barcelona, but unfortunately I haven't got there myself. Ago Store has some amazing and unique furniture. It is already a pleasure to follow them on Instagram. 
Instagram Ago Store
We're going a bit back to the centre and there you can find VASQUIAT, a fashion store. I would describe their collections as not everyday clothes. They had some beautiful jewellery from glass and all special items. 
Instagram VASQUIAT
Central areas that you can't miss are Barri Gòtic and El Born which are located next to each other. They look very charming with all their small streets and beautiful buildings. These spots are super touristic, but great to stroll around and get lost in the streets to walk endlessly as long as you like it. 
There was one store that I had to visit, Eliurpi. If you haven't heard about them yet, check it out. I've been following their journey on Instagram already for a while and they make among other things the most beautiful hats. Make an appointment to visit the store and they are more than happy to welcome you. 
Instagram Eliurpi
Oliver deco is a surprisingly big store with mainly interior, but also some fashion items. I would say their style is a bit bohemian and you can find a lot of different things. During my visit, they already had some Christmas ornaments in all kinds of sizes and shapes. 
Instagram Oliver deco
Carolina Blue is another store that is worth visiting. You can find anything for at home from textiles to tableware or have a look at their clothes. 
Instagram Carolina Blue
I never forgot Bon Vent from my previous trip to Barcelona. I had to visit the store again and it was still as nice as I could remember. They have a lot of nice stuff for your interior. I fell in love with a vase that looked like a head and where in flowers could be the hair. It was a bit pricy so I did not bring it home, but the store is absolutely beautiful. 
Instagram Bon Vent
Natura is one of the bigger brands in Barcelona, you can even find it at the airport. Their collection is a mix of fashion and interior items. They focus on products for relaxed moments at home. Think about cute pyjamas, eye masks, incense sticks, soap, (scented) candles and books. 
Instagram Natura
A nice vintage store to go to is Casa Le Swing. In their collection, you can find a mix of fashion and interior items. You will recognize the store already from a distance because of its red door.  
Instagram Casa Le Swing
Another gem that I found is Madame Melon. It's again a mix of interior items and fashion. The reason that this store is a bit more special is that they collect all their products from all over the world. Next to the products in the store, you can find cards with the country where it's from. They for example had jewellery from Senegal, clothes from Uruguay and cushions from Marrakech. 
Instagram Madame Melon
If you are into colourful fashion, Melocotón is the place to be. There are different locations in the city. 
Instagram Melocotón
While walking around I found a lot of jewellery stores. One that I got recommended by a friend is Yümi. Their way of displaying the products feels a bit different from normal, with wooden panels on the wall for example. Great store to explore with all kinds of jewellery. 
Instagram Yümi
Colette is also a super nice store with jewellery. Everything is handmade from vintage textiles. For example, earrings from lace that come from an old wedding dress. If you're looking for something special that is locally made I can recommend visiting this store. 
Instagram Colette
On my way back to the hotel I passed the store Anjara. All very colourful clothes and accessories. I especially liked their earrings. True statement pieces. 
Instagram Anjara
It for sure is good shopping in Barcelona. Another store that is nice to visit is Méditerranée. They have clothes, shoes, jewellery and hand-picked vintage pieces. 
Instagram Méditerranée
If you're looking for vintage clothes, a visit to El Maniquí Vintage can be nice. When I got there the door was locked, but she still was open and very warm and welcoming. Here you can find luxury brands such as Chanel and Dior. 
I want to include this store in this list that only is getting bigger since it's beautiful, but their focus is on vintage wedding dresses. L’Arca Barcelona might be your place for a wedding dress or vintage accessories such as a handbag or jewellery. I only looked through the window since it didn't feel like a store to walk in without looking for something specific. They also have an online webshop. 
Another store I found was Kiekari. They sell all kinds of Mexican products from clothes to jewellery, accessories and interior decoration. 
Instagram Kiekari
This store I found before I went to Barcelona while I was looking for nice stores to go to. Ivori is on many lists on the internet as a must-visit. Personally, I had higher expectations, but nevertheless they have a great collection of clothes and jewellery. 
Instagram Ivori
I haven't been here myself anymore, but it looks amazing. Imanol Ossa is a creative talent that makes lamps from all kinds of materials. 
Instagram Imanol Ossa

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