The address did already sound familiar to me when I received the job a few weeks ago. It turned out to be not the exact same apartment, but one of the neighbours in the same building. Personally I always love to compare similar floor plans with each their own way of decorating the interior. Back home I directly jumped into my photo archive to see the other apartment. 
Let's start with the bedroom where you can see the similarity in the windows, the fireplace in the corner and the doorway to the livingroom. The main difference here is the wall opposite the windows. At the left apartment it has two doors and on the right apartment only one. This directly is the biggest difference between both apartments and does show that they are not 100% equal. At the bottom of this page you can have a look at their floorplans to get a bit of an idea how it works.
Both times I captured a part of the windows to show the beautiful window frame and the carvings. Over the years I've been developing my photography style as well. In 2021 I was working for a different agency then I'm doing now and my biggest goal the last years has been to get my photos more natural. Sometimes I got the comment that they looked a bit 'milky' and 'whitewashed'. I spend hours in trying different ways on location and during the editing to reach my goal. Back then I didn't feel satisfied with the editing either. 
Beside the differences in the interior, it also is fun for me to see the different ways of how I took the photos. Most of the angles are pretty similar, but there are some exceptions. As you can see on the left side I did not take a horizontal photo of the sofa, only vertical. While I did take that photo horizontal the first time. It also can have something to do with the opening in the wall to the kitchen. It looks like the apartment I photographed in 2021 has removed the built-in cupboard. That created more space in the kitchen and the possibility for a bigger sofa since it does not block the door anymore. 
Winter versus summer and a different view too. The building next door has different windows. For sure that the address is the same, but I must say that I can't remember where the previous apartment was located in the building. Apparently not one floor up or down. In Stockholm many apartments has a courtyard what makes that you have the first building facing the street and the second building facing the garden. It's still the same entrance and address, but can vary with an addition to the house number.
So far it has not been that complicated. When you enter the hallway it takes a bit more work to see the comparison. For me it's only guessing if the differences have always been like this or that one of the owners did some bigger floor plan changes. Anyhow there is no built-in cupboard next to the fireplace in the apartment on the left side. Therefore they were able to create an office in the hallway. Which will be visible later.
Kitchen time. What do you think about the wooden window frame? Usually they are all painted white. Rarely I see them in natural wood or painted, sometimes in a light grey tone. 
Here we get to see the open window between the kitchen and the livingroom in the right apartment a bit better. It feels a bit more modern with the black and white details. Personally I like both apartments and see some potential options to create a place where I would feel home. I only think that the livingroom is a bit hard to decorate since it has so many doors. There is barely place left for a sofa, bookshelf or tv. 
As said before the apartment I photographed last week has made a small office in the hallway. The entrance is at a different spot in the hallway which also comes because the floor plan is slightly different. Which is also visible in the bathroom at the photos hereunder. 
If you're completely lost or just curious to see how you would take care of the layout, have a look at their floor plans. Now the biggest question is, which one would you buy if they were out on the market at the same time? The apartment I photographed in 2023 for Skandia Mäklarna has 52 square meters and the one I photographed in 2021 for Fastighetsbyrån has 53 square meters. 

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